Anticorruption Motion Is Growing Up

On 23rd of December 2015 in Kiev took place 2nd Anticorruption forum, which had been initiated by governor of Odessa region Michael Saakashvilly and other pro-European forces. According to journalists, several thousands of people from Kiev and other regions of Ukraine took part in the forum. As well there were politics working in government and   deputies Sergey Leshenko, Mustafa Naem, representatives of different public organizations, one of them was Ihor Kushnarjov.

In the Resolution of the Forum that was read from the stage by one of the organizers, Vladimir Fedorin, there is decision about creating of the new motion that will be open for all the concerned citizens.   “Anticorruption Motion” is implementing in the regions and on January 18 in Kharkov will host Forum of Fighters Against Corruption.

Holding Forum, on the opinion of Ihor Kushnarjov, showed not only high level of tension and the request to reforms, lustration and purification of Government. But also it showed that Ukrainian people are ready to start  from themselves and fight corruption from down.  However no one is going to turn a blind eye on corrupt practices of the head-ones of government.

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