Odessa Region. Natural-resource potential of wet estuaries Practical scientific conference

On the 18th-20th November 2015  there was held  Ukrainian scientific-practical conference at the Odessa State Environmental University, that was dedicated to the discussion of natural-resource potential of Kuyalnik and Khadzhibey wet estuaries and their surrounding territories.  The conference was attended by scientists and experts from all over Ukraine, as  well as businessmen and investors.  The main purpose of the event is  to attract the attention of the regional authorities  to the problem of  Odessa wet estuaries and the development of their potentials. By the second day it became clear that the conference covered a much wider range of issues and problems,  than questions of the ecological state of the two wet estuaries . As Mr. Ihor Kusnarjov noted in his comments,  Ukrainian businesses and European investors need to pay special attention to any project that can be directed to the preservation and improvement of ecological climate in Odessa region  and all over  Ukraine.

Mr. Sergei Grinevetzky mentioned in his speech at the conference that Odessa as  a tourist region is still not developed and has yet to hold a huge work in this direction.  With 180 kilometers of sandy beaches, the Danube reed beds , Kuyalnik Estuary and a network of treatment facilities, which, fortunately, is still not completely destroyed, the Odessa area has  no basic infrastructure, which would allow to attract more tourists and provide them high quality service. According to the results of the conference will be made an appeal to the representatives of the Odessa regional authorities, that should call their attention to the problem of the Odessa wet estuaries

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